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Flower City Solutions

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With expertise in logistics and an extensive network to support supply chain development, we are here to help businesses succeed in seed-to-sale compliance and needs.  


The cannabis plant holds enormous potential for innovation, with more than 25,000 known uses and products. Flower City Solutions is here to help local companies participate in the global cannabis economy, whether in Hemp, Recreational Cannabis or any of the adjacent businesses.





Focusing on research and collaborative innovation, we will help businesses build their foundation in the marketplace. When we talk hemp, we are also talking jobs, farming, processing, logistics, distribution, and retail.  We believe that Western New York is uniquely positioned to develop a thriving regional economy around the hemp industry.


One of the greatest challenges the hemp industry faces is a fragmented supply chain.  Through organization and education we intend to unlock the potential of hemp in NYS. We have begun to align local and regional ecosystems that will support sustainable industry growth and bring more value to land, economies and communities.


We are helping  professionals and organizations grow their business and operate within the emerging hemp industry with ease. By designing software solutions, best management practices, and secure and transparent contracts, we seek to drive the bottom line and leverage existing regional assets.