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Flower City Solutions

620 Park Avenue, Suite #106
Rochester, NY 14607


the roots

live yours

find yours

define yours

Cannabis is a disruptive plant

giving us the opportunity 

to do something new.

What is your craft?

What is your cannabis?

What is your culture?

the shoots

integrity is our bottom line

Organic - Certified and more


Supporting Regenerative Practices


Craft (small & medium scale farmers / production)


Farmer facing - fair trade exchange, share farmer info

Produced by Consumers - we set the bar high 

% of Profits towards causes (HempLab, etc.) 

Employee owned 

Best in class

the flwr

a brand that builds 

5% of profit to support community initiatives 

1% opioid reduction therapy

1% education sponsorship 

1% compassionate care 

1% environmental fund

1% advocacy